• Different Types of Home Security Systems

    It is true that the government should provide protection for its citizens especially against break-ins, robbery and other forms of crimes. Nevertheless, the rapidly increasing crime rate can be frightening especially if you want your loved ones to be safe and secure even if you are not with them. With this, home security system has become very popular among homeowners as a way to discourage breakins and provide protection for their families. But, what are the different types of security systems that you can avail? Let's see a complete portfolio of products here with the different types of home security systems.


    Monitored System

    This type of home security is among the most commonly used alarm systems. Perhaps the most common monitored system is a wired or wireless driveway alarm allowing homeowner to be alerted in case a person, animal or vehicle approaches his property. They serve as the upgraded version of traditional local alarm systems with monitoring service other than the usual alarm. In case of any intrusion, an agent will notify or call the homeowner to identify the intruder. In case that there is a real break-in, then the agent will immediately notify the local authorities and the police in order to respond to the break-in and apprehend the intruder.


    Smoke Alarm System

    As the name suggests, this type of security system detects fire and smoke in the house. It may come as a hardwired or wireless smoke detectors that alerts homeowners in case of emergency. Homeowners can also strengthen their own fire protection by installing added features including heat detector and in-home sprinkler system.


    Burglar Alarm System

    Unlike monitored systems which you can install inside your home or outdoors, burglar alarm systems are basically installed indoors in order to detect burglars and intruders. It comes with motion detectors as well as window and door sensors. This type of home security is very helpful especially at night when the members of the family are all fast asleep. Of course, you need to be alerted when there is a burglar sneaking into your house.


    Medical Alarm System

    A medical alarm system is very useful for those who have elderly parents that they want to be protected against falls and other forms of accidents. This comes in very helpful for those who do not want to limit the activities of the elderly members of their families, but still wants to have a peace of mind knowing that their loved ones are safe and secure and that there will be immediate medical response in case of any emergency. In such case, a single press of the emergency button will transmit signal to the emergency response unit to send immediate help.


    Critical Alarm System

    Critical alarm systems may not be the most popular form of security system, but they are still very helpful and important. This type of system protects you against leaks and other problems that may cause property damage. Using this system, you can also monitor heating and plumbing and you will be alerted in case there are any problems.


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